Oil Purifier Machine

Oil Filter Centrifugal

Oil filter centrifugal is a best pre-filter for edible oil and used next to the oil extraction machine. The centrifugal filter can remove 99% of the particles of crude edible and can remove 100% of the particles cooking oil (recycling) with high quality purification. The centrifugal filter is connected to the oil outlet of the seed oil press. In this way oil extraction and refining are done together. As a result Purification and continuously is done quickly. This is the best way to increase the quality of edible oil. This centrifugal filter is used to purify edible and medicinal oils.

Oil filter centrifugal is installed for the production line and is very suitable for the convenience of working in the workshop. So that the discharge of particles is very easy and very fast and it does not take time. It also does not need to be cleaned and washed, and if it needs to be washed, just pour 4 liters of hot water into the centrifuge.

 oil filter machine (centrifugal purifier)   oil filter machine (micron filter)  sesame seed oil with high quality purification  








High quality purification, high purification speed, no pollution in the oil and workshop environment, no need for spare parts, no need for accessories, washable parts, they are most important features of our oil purifiers.




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